"ビジネス & キャリアアップ・ネットワーキングイベント" Business & Career Enhancement Networking Event

Fri, 23 Aug 2013 19:00 - 22:00 JST

SuperDeluxe Roppongi

東京都港区西麻布3-1-25 B1F


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¥3,000 at the door



A Friday night party with drinks, friends, business talks and networking? We are holding this exciting event in your neighborhood!
No matter whether you are interested in business information exchange or Career Enhancement or IT or reading books or just having fun, you can't miss this big event. If you are in the IT industry or interested in IT / e-commerce related business, if you are an undergraduate student or a MBA holder or just a business person who are looking for opportunities outside, if you are running your own business and would like people to know it, come on to join us! From the tips of business development, self-improvement provided by specialists and professionals in IT, MBA, entrepreneur, venture business, you might find your solution! With cooperation by Rakuten Inc, one of the largest Internet shopping service providers, you can have a productive night.

For people who like reading books but hate carrying them all the day, we have a special present --- KOBO, an e-book reader. They will only be given to 100 first arrival of registration FOR FREE! And plus, we will also let you know the best seller of the business e-books.
Don’t miss this cool chance! We are looking forward to seeing you then.


・MBA & Englishnization: Major Japanese Internet shopping company, Rakuten
・Future of MBA: Japan largest MBA network company, Catalyst KK
・Cases of VBs 1: Life-log business company made by IPO experienced founder, Linever
・Cases of VBs 2: Life style EC company covering the largest number of fashion brands in Japan, Marono)
・Global business: Hub of global business with firm networks with 56 countries of embassy, Embassy Magazine
・Fukushima IT pjt: Univ of Tokyo (Hints to revive Fukushima):
・Utilization of e-book: Rakuten (Utilization and introduction of popular e-books)
・Business card exchange etc

・電子書籍KOBOに関心のある方  など

【Target Participants】
・Interested in IT industry or EC
・Interested in career enhancement (job change, job hunting, qualifications and so on)
・Interested in starting a business (entrepreneurship)
・Interested in business information exchange or networking
・Interested in e-book Etc.


・KOBO, the e-book device of Rakuten with download coupon of JPY1,000 are provided for free to the 100 first arrival of registration.  In case that the registrant don’t arrive by 20:00, the favor may be provided to other participants.

電話:03-6869-2806 (株式会社スピネーカー・パートナーズ)

Phone:03-6869-2806 (Spinnaker Partners, Inc.)


Host: Spinnaker Partners, Inc.
Sponsor: Rakuten, Inc.

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